Cheap Holiday in Ooty

Ooty is the best holiday destination for cheap travelers. It is cheap for local travelers compare to any other destinations in India. The first thing is the train and bus tickets in tamilnadu is cheaper than any other destinations in South India. Then the accommodation charges per night is cheaper and competitive compare to other cities. Above all the number of attractions can be seen in Ooty for free is much higher. Taxis and auto rickshaws in Ooty are offering their services for budget charges to make travel inside Ooty comfortable and budget.

These are the reasons people prefer cheap holidays in Ooty rather than any other destinations in South India. The weather, attractions and cost of traveling all make Ooty a cheaper travel destination. Budget hotels, resorts and cottages in Ooty are found large in number to accommodate the budget travelers. Easy transport facility and multi lingual people in Ooty makes even better for travelers from other states.

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