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Botanical Garden Ooty

Botanical Garden Photo

The Tamilnadu government’s wondering gift to Ooty is the adoring Botanical Garden laid out in 1848. The garden absolutely comprises of 22 hectares of landscape with multiple sections through out along the lower slopes of Doddabetta peak. Horticulture support from Government is more than sufficient for the existing plants in this garden to create showing beauties of nature. Deep possibilities to explore newest plant varieties at this spot are easier in Ooty when compared to many other international botanical gardens.

Unique plant varieties

Botanical Garden Photo

Different kinds of unique plant species and many other non native plants are also kept to enrich the botanical garden in a right way. Many green houses are found inside the gardens, in order to render the perfect protection for the UV sensitive plant varieties. Rare collections of endangered species are also available that would be an added advantage for it. Botanical garden belongs to Ooty is the prettiest place to have the perfect day outs to earn the precious medicinal breeze across with eye catching colorful flowers.

Originated plants

The garden is the owner of 650 rare plant species of known characteristics and would be the definite mother for many number of unknown supporting plant varieties as well. Herbaria collections of World’s medicinal floral parts are found here protected with greater care for the future reference. Amazing ornamental plant kinds are grown anywhere exist with attractive marginal and dense flowers in many cases. Paper Bark tree, Monkey puzzle tree, and many kinds of herbal and bonsai trees are available.

New garden

New garden section belongs to Botanical garden hosting nearly 300 colors of hybrid roses that take a massive part in the annual flower shows. Plants and trees with appreciating medicinal support include Taxonium mucronatum, Juniperous virginiana, Pinus wallichiana, Ginkgo biloba, Cuppresses lawsoniana, Photinia lindleyana are grown in different sections of the garden. The garden’s conservatory is developed in the year 1912 with major aims at grouping the flowering plants at the same place. There are eight light houses are situated in the same garden holding all cute varieties of nursery plants grown at lands and terraces to keep ornamental. Try to mine the fabulous timings to visit the garden between 8.00Am and 6.00Pm in all the days in a week.