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Doddabetta Ooty

Doddabetta Photo

The queen peak belongs to Nilgiri hills, Ooty is the Doddabetta Peak which is situated 9 Km away from the city. The place really soaks the visitors in an amazing wonder through the actual views about different green parts of Ooty. Thickly forested areas have made a very keen coverage on Doddabetta sides funding the most amazing scenic views.

Great peak at the queen hills

Doddabetta Photo

Doddabetta is the prime vantage spot that grabs the visitors towards making clicks at the wonderful valleys at its bottom. This big mountain attracts the tourists to a greater extent promising the optimistic views of various hill stations like the great Chamundi hills. The greenish bound mountain comprises of flowering plants of different classical varieties that attracts people to the core. The thickest coarse grass layered sections of Doddabetta aims at rendering the stunning photo shoots revealing its natural beauty. Seasonal beauties like hilly floral types provide a pinch of realty in case of showcasing different kinds of colorful attractions in different seasons. Thus the place of beauty is the gift of nature always treats its visitors in an optimistic unexpected manner at all the months. Doddabetta is also highly demanded for its essential herbs and shrubs belong to various orthodox found even at now at many sections of the hill as well.

Welcoming mountain

The mountain welcomes its visitors as its own offering the coolest breeze that readily create a state of inactiveness to both mind and physique all of a sudden. The Telescope House is another fabulous option found here to grab even the views of the farthest around the hills especially the complete views about the neighbor peaks and steep valleys all around. Children prefer Doddabetta to spend the day outs to the longest for their endless entertaining natural make up of the hills in the mind blowing manner.

Visiting time

Doddabetta hills allow visitors till 6PM in the evening right from 7AM in the morning in terms of donating cherish spending at the hills. Receive very great pleasure on enjoying the grassy lawns and bunchy trees at the least within a short and crisp visit to Dodabetta, Ooty.