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Gymkhana Club Ooty

Gymkhana Club was established in 1896 which is the oldest club with modified extensions that really engage the visitors even more than anywhere in Ooty. Traditions followed here explain the very favourable moments that everyone could attain at this place. Rejuvenation is actually experienced by the visitors through the evergreen charming parts of the club. In Nilgiris, it has a thorough joyous Golf ground extending 193.56 acres all around working with 18 holes at positions.

The unique club

The golf club enthusiast people in multiple ways that even serve them practices well in the most welcoming way. Club with encouraging ambience has well trimmed greenish meadows paving paths all the sides has made a constructive environment. There are many luxury flowing restaurants are available around Gymkhana Club that fetch people with all kinds of food menus. A beautifully distinguished golf playing ground would definitely be a private gift for the practitioners and players. Well furnished interior touches the heart of the people with its lovable decorative toppings.

The best entertainer

It is a perfect place with all its wellness and it offers the best moments encouraging the Golf players to have the righteous kind of playing experience at this place. Major tournaments like South India Open, Sub Junior Championship, Gymkhana golf tournaments and etc had been held at this place. About 69 acres of pure bliss invites people with warmth enjoying the combo of traditions and modernity. There are 9 dogleg holes for golf is located at the lower hill slopes and the upper hill slopes across the thickest tress include oak, eucalyptus and etc.

Thickest forest linings across the club are pitted well to enjoy Golf at this spot. Learning golf here is found to be very effective with the help of well trained professionals belong to the club in all the days in a week and restricted at the time of tournaments.

Accommodation nearby

Surrounding this Avalanche course, various deluxe cottages are found with different facilities inbuilt. Lodging at this part of Nilgiris is very pleasurable to play golf along with whispering breeze at all the times.