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Ketti Ooty

Ketti, Ooty is the place that actually pin points the presence of Badgas, a group of well cultured tribal people lives along with Tamil. The valley has been developed greater in terms of glittering as the home for many newest varieties of fauna as well. Some of the dark places with overlapped wild trees really extends the pathways very cooler seems to be taking people mesmerised.

Township at Ketti

Along with the native people, Ketti also possesses immigrants from Kerala, Karnataka and Sri lankan Tamils to some extends. This busiest part of Ooty truly involves in Tea plantation anywhere along the slopes of the mountains and plains. It leads to the development of many tea industries in and around the town and also mushroom industries fewer. Ketti is the best place to get fresh vegetables, fruits and spices that brings out the heaven in earth among the users. Bouquet shops, medium sized shopping malls, grocery shops are found at this place help people to get reached towards all of their favourites.

Lively beauty

The place is rich in remarkable resources and it has been considered as Southern Switzerland in India. Ketti stays unique in its natural wealth in terms of different kinds of spices, vegetables, medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs. Beautiful snaps at Ketti would remain remembering for its elegant looks as well. The awesome looks that Ketti makes at the first look itself triggers the minds of many Cinema directors to take films at these areas.

Easily accessible

Ketti is found to be connected very easily either by roadways or railways with the help of the Mountain train. The boarding station for the people to reach Ketti is Metupalayam, Ooty. Overlapping mist could be possibly seen at the mornings even during summer is the speciality of this place getting more people.

Things would suit Ketti even if it got exaggerated more since the place is highly preferred for its accessibility and natural wellness. Enjoy tourism or business trips at Ketti, Ooty to make yourself cherish the fauna world in your every step.