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Ooty Attractions

Ooty serves people in different angles as a beautiful place to enjoy tourism, righteous option to spend summer heat and acts as a prime station to make people enjoy the ethnic beauty of Tamil nadu.

Top most attractions


The highest mountain in Nilgiris is the Doddabetta would be the firstly reaching place in Ooty. The lovable scenic attractions caught by cameras would say even more exaggerated stories than existence. The place is finely forested with awesome trees, shrubs and herbs all around.

Avalanche Lake

The Lake makes people ponder about its beauty in multiple angles. The waving water in the lake definitely moves along with melting hearts of the visitors. The place is situated 28 Km away from Ooty main exactly. It is found to be the right place to have the get together on the hands of nature.

Rose garden

The most colourful place in Ooty is the Rose garden and is maintained by the Tamil nadu Government successfully. The actual location of the place is rightly on the slopes of the Elk hill, ensuring a flower carpet covering a part of the mountain as well.

Mukurthi National Park

Mukurthi is the brightest park with all kinds of very old trees with excelling medicinal values. Nilgiri Tahr would be seen higher in number at this place grassing the well characterised herb lands and shrub lands. Moreover it is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which is the home for many endangered species includes Royal Bengal Tiger, Dotted deer and Asian Elephants.

Stone house, Ooty

The house is highly well known for the very older Sullivan’s Oak tree in front and it is known to be the official residential for the Principal of Government Arts and Science College. It is proud to be having the stone house in the European construction style in Ooty.

In Tamil nadu, Ooty would be the prime option among many people when they have thoughts about chill breeze, whispering trees, attractive flowers, exclusive climate and also for the people those who are interested in getting the live views of the popular endangered species kinds.