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Ooty Emerald Lake

Boating in Emerald Lake, Ooty is very impressive as if people steer the flow of silver during the day times. People from different parts of South India would prefer to visit Lake Emerald in Ooty, at first to experience the uncompromised beauty that the Lake possesses.

Silver coated water

Emerald Lake is highly reputed as it is well maintained by making regular services in routine. The lake is situated at the middle surrounded by many of the tallest and the strongest trees belong to that area. It seems that the Lake has been well protected and bordered by older trees throughout. The shadows of the trees create coolness with dazzling breeze in between when the boats reach those places as well. Travellers could get the gorgeous views of sun rise and sun sets at the auspicious times when they ride over boats.

Well facilitated

Protective queues toward the ticket counter make the tourists to get fetched with the tickets at the right time. Boats are docked at the shores properly and members maintain the availability of the boats at all time. Clean water is present in the Lake that attracts people to a greater extend to get repeated reach of the visitors at this place. Vehicle parking is also made possible in the Ooty Lake in a secured manner. Lockers facilities are provided in the Ooty Lake to keep up the belongings of the tourists kept safeguarded. Unwanted papers thrown at its surroundings are removed then and there hence the ecosystem maintenance is given much importance.

Refreshers inside

Cafeteria inside offers delicious food items in the Emerald campus along with the menus of different foods. To face the hot summer, people would like to travel cool soft drinks on hands during the boat rides. Natural tea, Lime tea are the famous drinks found at this Lake roads. Many natural vegetables, fruits, ground nuts, and many other specialities could also be brought inside to enjoy boating along with these items. Moreover different tea plantations found around the slopes of the mountains that looks gorgeous from this lake.