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Ooty Golf Course

Golf Course in Ooty is the most preferable one since it is highly renowned for its 100 years of traditional pride in the city. Well fenced and finely maintained greens present here really prevent the entry of the wild animals into the course as well. The lawns are completely manicured to keep its surface the same one enhancing the righteous goal of the balls into the holes. There are several guide posts are provided in between the greens in order to make the players getting the goal directions rightly.


Golf is a pretty game which has been given importance in Ooty in case of creating a first natural Golf course in the World. Playing interesting Golf in between the thickest forest lining on both the sides of the ground is the specialty of this course. Rolling landscape of the course really makes it pretty better than usual Golf courses belong to plains by means of adding a scenic atmosphere to the playing area. Rhododendron, Oak, Eucalyptus are some of the valuable plants have grown around the play area really helps in fetching the pleasant breeze tearing out the screen of scenic beauty of the place.

Major tournaments

People prefer to enjoy summer in Ooty in different phases like flower shows, vegetable shows, botanical exhibitions and more. In the similar fashion, Wellington Gymkhana Club in Ooty also makes tournaments for Golf as summer specials. Annual Amateur Golf Championship, Gymkhana Golf Tournament, South India Open, South Zone Junior and Sub junior Championship are some of the usual tournaments that take place at this club.

Well facilitated

Wellington Gymkhana Club is highly preferred for its elegance in addition to the perfect accommodation facilities that have been provided to the golfers. There are ten rooms and six huts allotted to the golfers in such a way that it would suit them very well with enhanced facilities like inside bars, restaurants, cafeteria and more. Swimming pools provisions at this club are the additional advantage of it rejuvenating the moods of the players as well.