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Ooty Mountain Train

Nilgiri Mountain Train is found to be the highlight of the Ooty trip since the train really does well by actually imitating a toy train. The first motion of this train was made in the year 1899 in a successful manner. The secured installation of the rail routes along the toughest parts of the mountains have created assured safety for the passengers. Modernization in the mountain railways has been abandoned in case of concerning about the safest locomotion of the train. Chugging rail lines
This mountain slug ensures happiness among the passengers in the way that it moves drilling the stubborn mountains throughout the journey. The train works in a children friendly manner by definitely imitating an actual toy train and thus the rail route would be the most favourite option among the children. Since the train moves slower than usual trains at plains, it would render very great relaxing ride in it.

Awesome scenery

The Nilgiri mountain train is connecting Mettupalayam and Ooty in an awesome manner such that tourists would prefer to reach the exact point in Ooty by travelling through the train. Spectacular views towards enjoying the peculiarity of the thickest forest drilling and overlapping the parts of the mountains. During the journey in Niligiri train, the most impressive aspect is that the passengers would get many opportunities to see many wild animals lively. Sometimes, trains passing through this rail route would face serious struggles due to wild animals’ intervention on the routes and also in case of leaning of wild trees on the routes.

Facilities in the train

The Nilgiri mountain toy train is awesome by rendering customer friendly options like first class and second class options as well. By making the trip livelier, tourists prefer to take first class tickets to travel among the crowds. Many sub stations in between would fetch more treats for the passengers to taste the natural menus of the forestry. The ride in this train towards Ooty would be the best one to get the righteous rejuvenation for the avid fans.