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Racecourse Ooty

Ooty race course stands at the altitude of 2,268m above sea level, which is the prime choice for the persons who prefer to have summer racing in the hills. Prestigious horse races are held at this race horse between April and June in order to offer the best summer surprises. The safest establishment of the race course in Ooty actually grabs many people even every year. The race course in Ooty is 125 years old rendering the most rejuvenating engagements to all the people involved in racing.

Genesis of horse racing

Race course is 2.4 km long and is highly renowned for its glorifying Championship leagues taken place at this place. ‘The Nilgiri Gold Cup Race’ is the most famous event that takes place during summer season. Horses belong to different teams are well trained before at the same course in prior to these events. Betting races would fetch favourable income to its owner as it could offer very fine commitments towards the audience. In the year 2011, the popular traditional event named ‘The Post Centenary Silver Jubilee Cup’ had held at this race course. Race course is the most predominant place in the list of many other potent attractions of Ooty.

Perfect Animal husbandry

Horses involved in the race courses are highly safeguarded by separate protection securities. A serious event had been taken place in Ooty race course in the year 2011 by means of fire and the horses were saved as well. Due to this occurrence, recently strict security services have been allotted in order to take care of animals. Horses are maintained effectively in 180 degrees such that horses receive no harm during racing. People are preferred to have prior online booking to the events to enjoy the premium coupons.

Facilities nearby

Wondering accommodation facilities are found nearby the race course that preferably suit people with different favourites. Luxuries floating 5 star hotels with inbuilt spas, cinemas, play courts, gyms and swimming pools are also available here. Endless nightlife can be enjoyed nearby the race course in many well groomed private clubs and pubs. Enjoy the royal classic varieties of hot drinks at these spots.