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Vegetable Show Ooty

Visiting this mind blowing hill station is found to be enchanting in all the seasons. Moreover during the summer season, vegetable shows play a major role in grabbing the visitors towards Ooty. The speciality of this show is the exclusive display of usual vegetables in an artful manner. Ooty, the queen of nature receives more fan followers during the summer season for its chill green environment everywhere.

Immense popularity

Apart from natural pleasures inside, Ooty also has secured immense popularity for its summer time festivals like vegetable shows, flower shows, dog shows and etc. Traditional stories are exposed in vegetable shows by making carvings in an unbelievable manner. Fruits of various kinds are used to make the shows even more attractive towards people regardless of ages. In the case of the previous vegetable show, the show had impressed 16,000 visitors as well.

Highlighted vegetables

Nehru Park, Kothagiri is the venue for the last time’s vegetable show and the show predominantly takes place four years once. At this exhibition, the vegetables are used to make creative designs in all possible attractive ways. Animals are created with the help of fixing these vegetables in an appropriate manner by expert hands. Vegetables grown at these places stay fresh and thus the show remains good for the next few days as well. Many carving tools are used to make the perfect vegetable and fruit carvings to make desired items in the showcase.

Pinch of realty

Peacocks made up of pumpkins, grapes and tomatoes stand very calm at the start drastically attract the visitors. Our traditional huts made from carrots and radishes exaggerate the beauty of the show even more. Crocodiles are made with exact specifications with the help of bitter guard make it seems to be the actual one. The king of forests is here made artificially with the help of potato slices, carrot pieces for the tail.

Capsicums are of different colours include yellow, green, and red which play a major role in vegetable shows for its attractive colours. Tourism during summer season really fetches some value to the people during their visits to Ooty.